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Wheeler Engineering

Wheeler Anti Cant Indicator


Anti Cant Indicator- The ammo, scope, and rifle you use are all dialed in for precision. If your firearm is canted, even the slightest degree, it can throw your shot off. The Anti Cant Indicator is a leveling assistant that attaches to the scope tube.
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Wheeler Anti Cant Indicator


Wheeler Anti Cant Indicator
by Wheeler Engineering


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Anti Cant Indicator- Maintaining a level firearm is vitally important when shooting. Being a few degrees off can impact the shot. The Anti Can Indicator from Wheeler Engineering offers an indicator to ensure this does not happen. Simply attach the indicator to the scope tube (offered in both 1 inch and 30mm) and utilize the level bubble to guarantee a perfectly vertical shot.

  • Increases consistancy
  • Indicates precise repeatable level gun position
  • Easy to view from shooting position
  • Attaches to scope tube
  • 1 inch model-755712
  • 3mm model-766112


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