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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day & Night Rifle Scope

by ATN
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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day & Night Rifle Scope


ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day & Night Rifle Scope
by ATN


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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day & Night Rifle Scope - X-Sight 4K PRO is the newest breakthrough from the company that brought you the Digital Hunting experience. The X-Sight seamlessly blends in the latest technology with the more traditional scope form to bring you the best from both worlds.  Powered by a Dual Core processor with a low light 4K sensor the X-Sight 4K PRO offers unprecedented image performance with the latest Smart features that one has come to expect from an ATN scope. 

Ultra HD Sensor - Ultra HD 4K Sensor with our Obsidian 4 Dual Core Processor brings you cutting edge technology with higher resolution, faster optics, and millions of vivid colors.  It is capable of up to 120fps and non-pixelating digital zoom for a great image at any distance.

Ballistic Calculator - Hunt responsibly by making sure your shot hits the target Each and Every time. Range, Wind, Multiple-Weapon Profiles, Angle to target, Temperature, Humidity, Plus more. Helps you determine exact ballistics for expert long-range shots. 

Dual Stream Video Recording - You asked and we listened X-Sight 4K PRO not only Streams Video to your mobile device at HD resolution and can simultaneously Record to the SD card inside.  

Night Vision Mode - The X-Sight 4K PRO offers an Enhanced HD Night Vision Mode.  Don't let the darkness slow you down.

Ultra Low Power Profile - No more worries about your batteries dying in the field. At 18+ hours of Continuous operation the X-Sight 4K will last as long as you do. 

RAV (Recoil Activated Video) - Recoil Activated Video (RAV) takes care of all your worries. Just relax and focus on your game and let the Obsidian Core do the heavy lifting. This scope will automatically start to record a video before and after you take a shot.

The X-Sight 4K looks and feels just like your more traditional optic.  Standard mounting rings.  Long eye-relief.  High Resolution and fast viewing.  No Pixelation when you zoom.  Yet underneath the hood its pure power.  Try it - you won’t regret the experience.







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  • If any warranty issue comes up, we'll cover the cost of packing & shipping to the manufacturer from any Sportsman's Warehouse location.
  • Cleaning, scope mounting, and bore sighting.
  • Discounts on gun customization from The Gunsmith at Sportsman's Warehouse.
  • FSP can be applied to any gun purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse or online at


  • Provides two professional field strip & cleanings per year.
  • Unlimited professional scope mounting & bore sighting during coverage.
  • Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage.
  • We'll keep you informed of any recall notifications.
  • Free packing/shipping to manufacturer &/or manufacturer's authorized service center for warranty repairs ($20-$40 value).
  • 15% discount on all customizing & elective gunsmith services and FREE shipping to The Gunsmith at Sportsman's Warehouse.
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