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ID 1687929 | MPN INCFP325

Domain Outdoor Incognito Food Plot Concealment Mix


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Domain Outdoor Incognito Food Plot Concealment Mix


Domain Outdoor Incognito Food Plot Concealment Mix


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Domain Outdoor Incognito Food Plot Concealment Mix - An inexpensive food plot mix designed to create concealment or protected access to or from your food plot or tree stand without breaking the bank.  Incognito provides two special varieties of sorghum and egyptian wheat, which can grow extremely fast and offer the perfect concealment.  This special mixture is designed to not only grow tall, but includes a variety of sorghum that offers the backbone to help incognito withstand wind, rain and snow to provide concealment into the late season.  Incognito is an excellent mix of fast growing warm season annuals that can grow 7-10 feet tall in 80-100 days.  It is easy to establish, is relatively soil tolerant and is extremely fast growing, incognito is the perfect concealment food plot mix to improve your seclusion or access this fall and can be used in a wide variety of ways on your property.  It thrives on the utilization of nitrogen, so once it’s taken root, a shot of high nitrogen fertilizer can go a long ways toward maximum growth and production!  Additionally, incognito can be planted using a hand broadcaster or planter and we’ve found it to be most effective when planted in strips that are 10 feet wide or more.


  • Plant Varieties: Egyptian Wheat - 2 Varieties Of Sorghum
  • PH Range: 5.5-7
  • Soil Type: Well Drained, Dark/Rich


Model INCFP325
Species Deer
Type Seed
Weight 3.25lbs


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