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Hunter Specialties Johnny Stewart Reaper With Remote Electronic Game Caller

ID 1682638


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Hunter Specialties Johnny Stewart Reaper With Remote Electronic Game Caller


Hunter Specialties Johnny Stewart Reaper With Remote Electronic Game Caller


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Hunter Specialties Johnny Stewart Reaper With Remote Electronic Game Caller - This Johnny Steward Reaper caller has a 200 yard range RF communication technology.

50 Johnny Steward Premium Calls include: Rodent Distress, Lost Fawn, Plain Hen Yelp, Soft Hen Yelp, Snort Wheeze, Tree Call, Whitetail Fawn, Vittle's Jack, Wild Piglet Dist, Mature Bull, Starling Distress, Rattling, Quail Chick Dist, Pheasant Distress, Mo Cotton, Rodent Squeaks, Young Domestic Pig, Cardinal Distress, Pleading Chicken, DistressedRodents, Johnny's Ky-Yi, Feeding Snows, Doe Distress, Crow Come Here, SqlingWoodpecker, Crow Frenzy, Antler Rattling, CoyWolfBarkHowls, Crow & Owl Fight, Grown Cottontail, Jackrabbit, Fighting Crows, Crow Death Cry, Snowshoe Hare, Grunt'n Ferals, High Pitch Cotton, CrowDistress&Owl, GreyJuvenileGrowls, Coyote Pup Dist, Distressed Kitten, CoyoteYips&Wimprs, Baby Woodpecker, CoonFight&Bird, Elk Bugling, Cat Bird Distress,Antlers&BuckDist, Distressed Quail, FeralHogFeedFrenzy, Hurt'n Jack, Bobcat In Heat, FrightenedCtntail, Hurt'n Hog, Calling Snow Geese, Coyote Barking, Canine Pups, Cottontail Buffet, Baby Cottontails, Grey Fox Pup, Baby Jacks Dist, Grey Fox & Coon, Calf Distress, Baby Red Fox, Baby Javelina, Coarse Cottontail, Juvenile Javelina, Buck Distress, Bobcat Growls, DesperateCtntail, Baby Cottontail, Crow Audience, Gobbler Distress, Coyote Locator, Lone Howl Locator, Coyote Growls, Fawn Bleating, Grey Adult Growls, Baby Bird Distress, Baby Jack, Challenge Howl, Cow In Heat, Aggravated Cow, Cow&BullMating, Doe Bleats, Antler Raking, Cow, Calf, Cluck & Purr, Fly Down Cackle, Cutting, Gobbler Locator, Excited Hen Yelp, Gobble, Gobbles, JackRabbit Buffet, Canine Puppies, Estrus Bleat, Doe Bleat, Coyote and Raccoon, Contact Grunt, Buck Grunt


  • 50 Johnny Steward Premium Calls
  • USB Port For Changing Calls
  • Access To Johnny Stewart Call List
  • 3.5in Horn Speaker Reaching 120dB
  • Compact Size (5in x 5in x 5-5/8in)
  • Easily Set QSET & Favorite Calls
  • Sequential Call Feature – Set Calls To Play In Order
  • 2.4in Color Game Caller Remote
  • Carabiner For Hanging/Mounting
  • Powered By 8 AA Batteries (Base) & 4 AA Batteries (Remote)



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  • If any warranty issue comes up, we'll cover the cost of packing & shipping to the manufacturer from any Sportsman's Warehouse location.
  • Cleaning, scope mounting, and bore sighting.
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  • Provides two professional field strip & cleanings per year.
  • Unlimited professional scope mounting & bore sighting during coverage.
  • Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage.
  • We'll keep you informed of any recall notifications.
  • Free packing/shipping to manufacturer &/or manufacturer's authorized service center for warranty repairs ($20-$40 value).
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