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Glock 43

glock 43

The Glock 43 is the flagship design of the new generation of Glock subcompacts. This slimline pistol is meant to provide revolver-style capacities with the reliability of a modern semi-automatic. The Glock 43 also addresses the problem of concealability. Its subcompact design emphasizes concealability and reliability.

The pistol was introduced in 2015 in order to provide a narrow, single-stack semi-automatic that could fill a role similar to a J-frame revolver. As a result of this role, the Glock 43 is small and has a lower capacity compared to other popular semi automatic pistols.

The G43 and G43X are designed as concealed carry options, particularly for those who want to have extremely good concealment or prefer a smaller sized handgun. The small size also makes it a good option for those who have trouble with thicker pistol grips.

The G43 is simpler to use and maintain than other handguns in the same category.

G43’s come in both Gen 4 and Gen 5 models.

Glock 43 standard features:

  • Light weight (just over a pound empty w/ magazine)
  • Semi automatic action
  • Single stack magazines
  • Safe action system
  • Reduced trigger distance
  • Glock sights (Polymer, Steel, or Glock Night Sights)
  • No rail attachment
  • Beavertail grip extension
  • Fully functional slide stop lever
  • Loaded chamber indicator
Additionally some Gen 5 features are included on Gen5 versions of these pistols. Here’s a list of Gen 5 upgrades.

Gen 5 Upgrades

The 5th generation of Glocks feature multiple improvements for both reliability and overall quality of life when using the pistol.

The first improvement is the use of the Glock’s nDLC finish for better protection from corrosion and abrasion while allowing for better performance without proper greasing or other adverse conditions.

In terms of increased performance, Gen 5 Glocks feature flared magazine wells for faster and easier loading. The slide stop is now ambidextrous and the finger grooves of the pistol have been removed for a better grip.

All Gen 5 Glocks feature the Glock Marksmanship Barrel. This barrel has tighter specifications for the chamber, a target style barrel crown, and better polygonal rifling than previous generations. This means Gen 5 glocks feature the equivalent of target barrels from the factory.

The frame is customizable with the swappable back straps for better grip and control of the pistol. Combined with a wider floor plate on the magazines, this makes the Gen 5 Glock more form fitting to the hand and the magazine easier to remove.

Safety has also been increased on Gen 5 Glocks. The Safe Action® system allows for the internal safeties to disengage when the trigger is pulled properly and re-engages after the trigger is released.

Combined with an enhanced firing pin safety and an enhanced trigger spring, Gen 65 Glocks are more durable and safer than previous generations.

Gen 5 Glocks are best considered not backwards compatible with Gen 4 Glocks for consistency.

Glock 43 Base-model Specs

The following are the dimensions and specification for the base model Glock 43.

Attribute Spec
Action Semi automatic
Caliber 9x19 mm/9mm Luger
Capacity 6 rounds
Barrel Length 3.41 inches
Weight Loaded 20.64 ounces
Overall Length 6.26 inches
Overall Width 1.06 inches
Slide Length 6.06
Height (incl. mag.) 4.25 iches
Trigger Distance 2.56 inches
Sights Polymer, Steel, and GNS

Price: $489-$629


Glock 43 Model Variations

In additon to the base model G43, Glock also manufactures two additional G43 variants: the G43X, and the G43X MOS. All Glock 43 models feature a single stack magazine design which limits the total number of rounds they can carry and the magazines are not interchangeable unlike some other Glock magazines.

The major variations are solidly designed for extremely light concealed carry, and have the bare minimum necessary to fulfill the role. The MOS version adds the ability to mount a red dot sight on the pistol slide immediately from the factory.

Glock 43X

glock 43x

The larger sibling of the G43, the G43X is roughly the same in most of its dimensions and functions as the G43. However it does boast a larger capacity and a longer grip than the G43.

This gives a little more control over the gun, especially if you have larger hands. There are also slide serrations on the G43X for better slide manipulation.

The magazine release is also reversible like other Gen 5 designs, allowing for better compatibility with left-handed shooters.

The G43X also comes in Gen 4 and Gen 5 varieties.

Attribute Spec
Action Semi automatic
Caliber 9x19mm/9mm Luger
Capacity 10 rounds
Barrel Length 3.41 inches
Weight Loaded 23.07 ounces
Overall Length 6.50 inches
Overal Width 1.10 inches
Slide Length 6.06 inches
Sights Polymer, Steel, and GNS

Popular variations:

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Glock 43X MOS

glock 43x mos

The optics-ready version of the G43X, the G43x MOS uses Glock’s Modular Optic System to mount the appropriate red dot sight to your pistol.

This is achieved by a pre-cut slide paired with the appropriate mounting plate. Match the optic’s footprint to the correct mounting plate and it will easily attach to the pistol. Mounting plates are not included.

This adds more versatility to the G43X design, allowing for easier sighting options, especially for those who have trouble using iron sights.

Attribute Spec
Action Semi automatic
Caliber 9x19mm/9mm Luger
Capacity 10 rounds
Barrel Length 3.41 inches
Weight Loaded 22.96 ounces
Overall Length 6.50 inches
Overal Width 1.10 inches
Slide Length 6.06 inches
Sights Polymer, Steel, GNS, MOS cut

Popular variations:

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