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G Loomis(52)

About G.Loomis

The G.Loomis DNA is clear: Technology, Innovation, and Design. For the experienced angler, G.Loomis is an undisputed leader in equipment for a life on the water. G.Loomis exists on the cutting edge of angling technology, creating products that achieve the impossible and expand tactical opportunity. By designing tools that push the envelope of modern angling technology, G.Loomis has built its success on expanding what’s achievable for fishermen worldwide. Each of G.Loomis products are designed with that exact mentality in mind, “How do we go further?” This unrelenting devotion to creating the world’s best fishing equipment has made G.Loomis a premier name for serious, experienced anglers around the world. While many brands create for those who want to win, G.Loomis creates for those who must win. That’s why all around the world, G.Loomis products can be found in the hands of experienced, dedicated anglers.

Since its inception, G.Loomis has been dedicated to designing the most cutting-edge fishing products in the world. This mentality can be found in all of the brand’s products, from its saltwater rods and spinning rods, to its salmon and steelhead rods. The brand also offers a world-class line of fly-fishing rods for the experienced angler. G.Loomis’ signature NRX+ technology can be found in these rods, which are rolled with industry-leading, advanced compound construction. NRX+ technology boasts outstanding accuracy, responsiveness, and loop stability, without sacrificing feel or finesse. No matter the situation, NRX+ enhances the ability of anglers worldwide. This and similar technology can be found across G.Loomis’ entire line of performance fishing gear, which includes spey casting applications, as well as bass rods, walleye rods, and trout and panfish rods. As a leader in breakthrough fishing technology, G.Loomis is the premier brand for serious anglers around the world.

Top G.Loomis Products Include:

From sea to river, and everything in between, G.Loomis has earned its spot as a leader in high-tech, performance fishing gear. Sportsman’s Warehouse is proud to carry a comprehensive selection of G.Loomis angling equipment, and as a premier G.Loomis vendor, we’re dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience every step of the way.