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The Gunsmith at Sportsmans Warehouse




We are pleased to announce our new firearm service center, The Gunsmith at Sportsman’s Warehouse, through all of our stores! We also offer direct shipping for customers all across the United States who don’t currently have a Sportsman’s Warehouse in their area. We’re offering a full-service, comprehensive gunsmithing center that can do just about anything for firearms within a reasonable turnaround time.

Visit us at:
1630 S. 5070 W., Ste. 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753

Call us at (801) 304-8070

Email [email protected]


Either a field strip & clean including the bore, or a detailed cleaning of all individual parts including ultrasonic cleaning. May be covered by FSP*, if applicable.


Refinishing, polishing, bluing & re-bluing, Belgian bluing, slow rust bluing/browning, niter-bluing small parts, case hardening, full restoration, plating, Parkerizing, engine turning or jeweling, checkering, & more.


We are Cerakote Certified Applicators. Includes disassembly & reassembly. Handguns & long guns, all action types. One, two, three colors, camouflage, Micro Slick, etc. Accessories like scopes, bases, rings, magazines, & more.


All sight & scope work available. Bore sighting or range sight-in. Drill & tap, installing sights (including night sights & fiber optics), scope mounting, cut & lap rings, cut dovetails, drill & install shotgun beads, pattern shotguns, & more.


Headspace, install barrel liners, cut & crown barrel, fit & chamber barrel to action, new bolt handles, trigger jobs, install muzzle brakes or flash suppressors, thread barrels, contour or re-contour barrels, & more.


Refinishing, re-cut checkering, glass bed action, install recoil pads & adjustable butt plates, install studs & swivels, repair stocks, recoil reducers, comb hardware, reshaping stocks, & more.


Revolver action tuning, barrel porting, re-barreling, trigger jobs, chamfer cylinders & barrels, semi-auto action jobs, tighten slides, open & modify ejection ports, bevel mag wells, fit custom or new safeties, & more.


Maintenance rebuilds, aftermarket triggers, tune triggers, thread barrels, install flash hiders or brakes, tune gas port, install & tune gas blocks, pin & welds, install new barrels with extensions, & more.


Lengthen forcing cones, lengthen chambers, polish chambers & bores, straighten or adjust barrels for point of impact, open or modify choke, install screw-in chokes, port barrels, re-fit hinge pins & lugs, & more.

What is a gunsmith? In short, a gunsmith works on guns like a mechanic works on cars. They perform all kinds of repairs, renovations, refurbishing, and restorations. This is different from an armorer, who mostly replaces worn out parts in common firearms. Of course, gunsmiths can also do the work of an armorer, just like a mechanic who usually rebuilds classic cars can also change an oil filter. Gunsmiths have a high degree of skill in the various aspects of working on firearms, and usually have a combination of formal education and experience.

If you don’t have a gunsmith in your area, or at least not one that you trust with your guns, then our services are perfect for you. Our team of handpicked professional gunsmiths has over 34 years of combined experience, in addition to gunsmithing degrees from either Trinidad State College or Yavapai College. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are insured against loss, theft, or damage to your firearm. No work will ever be done on your firearm without prior authorization, and you’ll be given realistic turnaround times as part of your quote.

If you’ve ever looked for a gunsmith for any reason, you know that it isn’t all that easy to find a good one. Much like an auto mechanic, construction contractor, attorney, swimming instructor, et cetera, you often don’t know that you’ve found a dud until it’s too late. “Too late” is usually after you’ve parted ways with your hard-earned money, often with no other recourse but to pay someone else to fix the original issue and all of the new issues caused by the inferior work that you already paid for. That can be even more daunting when you look around and realize that there are far more mechanics, contractors, attorneys, and swim instructors in your area than there are gunsmiths.

There are a lot of reasons that you might looking for a gunsmith. Maybe what you want done is beyond your skill set. Maybe you thought you could do it yourself, and have since learned otherwise. Maybe your buddy or some dude you found on the internet claimed to be a gunsmith, and you’re starting to suspect their credentials are not exactly as advertised. Maybe you’ve heard about some other dude who does work out of his garage between 6pm and 8pm every other Thursday and Saturday, except on full moons or in months that end in “y”. One of your buddies took something to him a while back, and now that you reminded him your buddy hasn’t even finished telling you about the guy, because he just realized a “while back” was 9 months ago and now he’s on the phone leaving a voicemail that may or may not result in a returned call. “Some dude” takes time, especially if they’re not a full gunsmithing shop with the faster turnaround provided by having all of the shop equipment on hand. They probably have a backlog, plus a different “day job”, and may have long wait times because they’re waiting on parts.

Perhaps you’ve searched the internet and found some gunsmiths in your area. Now you’re calling around and find out one won’t work on revolvers, but they’ll do MSR’s. This one will do MSR’s, but only if they’re AR’s. This one won’t touch MSR’s, does revolvers, but not black powder. It seems like everyone’s specialized into a niche, but finding that one-stop-shop that you can trust is a rare thing indeed. We aim to meet everyone’s needs, no matter what kind of specialty you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve been looking for a part to an old gun and heard over and over again “they don’t make that anymore”. No worries, we can make those parts that just can’t be found and have Ol’ Blue up and running again before you know it.

If you’ve started feeling like you’ve had to launch a full-scale investigation to find the right shop to work on your gun, you’re not alone. Many of us have had these experiences: asking friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers at gun shops, ranges, clubs, competitions, hunting camps, and anywhere else that firearm enthusiasts hang out. Now you can turn in your badge, detective, because you’ve found us. We understand the intricacies of customizing firearms for women means far more than just a pink paint job. We understand the differences between a long-range match rifle and a long-range hunting rifle. We know exactly why you need that ultralight mountain rifle for your next backcountry big game adventure. We know you like your current carry gun, but you’d really love it if it was cut down and dehorned. If you’re looking to go from tactical to “tacticool”, we get it. Even if you want to do something sort of silly, we’re open to that conversation, too.

Let’s talk about turnaround times on gunsmithing. Some people seem to prefer a longer turnaround, feeling that this indicates the ‘smith really took their time on the job. Others feel that a big backlog equates to a good reference, since a lot of people are willing to wait for their work. Of course, we recognize that some jobs do take longer than others, depending on the size of the project and whether certain parts will need to be ordered or made from scratch. We try to have most jobs done in about a month, including shipping timeframes. To us, the only real reflection of the work performed will speak for itself in the final product, not how long it may or may not have taken.

If you don’t see something in our price list, contact us at (801) 304-8070 or email [email protected] and chances are we can do it. In fact, if we can’t do it, then maybe it just can’t be done. If it’s beyond repair and needs to go back to the factory, we can help you with that, too.

Whether you’re looking to customize a new gun, tune up and optimize a gun you already have, or see if you can get that antique back up to operational condition, we’re here to help.

A gunsmith is a professional who works on guns, much like a mechanic works on cars. Just like a mechanic, a gunsmith may offer everything from minor repairs and tune-ups to restorations and full rebuilds.

Almost anything and everything. We aim to be a full-service, comprehensive shop, and there are very few exceptions to what we can do. Check out our current pricelist here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for there, contact our Gunsmithing Shop at (801) 304-8070 or email us at [email protected]

Pretty much everything from antique black powder stuff all the way up to MSR’s. There are a few exceptions, and if you aren’t sure you can always ask!

  • No NFA/Class III guns
  • No AOW’s
  • No 80% lowers

Yes, satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are also fully licensed and insured.

Although The Gunsmith at Sportsman’s Warehouse is a new program that we’re excited to offer, our gunsmiths are not new to the business. Our handpicked team has over 34 years of combined experience, with gunsmithing degrees from Trinidad State College and Yavapai College.

Bring your gun to any Sportsman’s Warehouse location, or our Gunsmithing Shop at

1630 S. 5070 W.
Ste. 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753

Fill out your work order form in the store.

The firearm is shipped to our shop by the drop-off store.

  • Shipping fees are $20 for a long gun and $40 for a handgun
  • Shipping fees are waived for qualifying guns covered by our Firearm Service Plan (FSP)*

One of our gunsmiths will call with pricing and to gain authorization prior to any work being done.

  • Note: Although the basic pricelist is available, stores are not able to give complete quotes on pricing.

When your gun is done, we send it back to the store where you dropped it off.

  • Note: The person who dropped off the firearm must be the same person who picks it up, so this isn’t an errand you can put on anyone else’s “honey-do” list.

Ship your firearm with a current copy of your Driver’s License or FFL, the requested services, and your contact information to our Gunsmithing Shop at

1630 S. 5070 W.
Ste. 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753

One of our gunsmiths will call with pricing and to gain authorization prior to any work being done.

On firearms that have our Firearm Service Plan (FSP)*, during the Plan coverage period, we will waive the shipping charges and give you 15% off your total ticket for gunsmithing work. That’s on top of the FSP* services you’re already covered for!

Yes! As long as you have your Loyalty Account set up, that is.

Short answer: probably not!

Long answer: it’s your gun already, so there is no requirement to go through any of these processes with one potential exception. If your firearm is beyond repair and requires replacement of the serial number, then it will be processed with a 4473 as if it were a new purchase, with any additional applicable requirements set forth by local, state, and federal law.

Around a month, usually. That’s including shipping time (AK shipping may differ). Of course, it can be longer if you have a big job or if the parts are on order, but our Customer Service Team and gunsmiths can make sure you’re aware of any issues that will cause additional delays.

Tip: we all put things off from time-to-time, but if you need work done on your gun before hunting season, a shooting competition, or any other time-sensitive event, it’s always best to get started as soon as possible. When it comes to stuff like gunsmithing, the very last minute usually means too late. Do yourself a favor, save some stress, and don’t procrastinate on this one.

“I have a live cartridge jammed in my gun, and I can’t get the action open. Can I send it to you?”

  • No, it cannot be shipped due to safety concerns. We recommend that you bring it in to our shop at 1630 S. 5070 W., Ste. 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4753 if it’s within reasonable driving distance, or take it to a local gunsmith for assistance.

The answer to all of the following is, “Yes, we can help with that, and we won’t make fun of you or tell your friends.”

  • “So, I thought I could DIY this thing, but I may have messed up a little bit. Or maybe a lot …”
  • “So, I took my gun apart, and now I can’t get it back together. Plus, I might have lost a part or two in the process …”
  • “So, I’m nervous to take my gun apart for a really thorough cleaning, and it’s pretty dirty …”
  • “So, I took my gun to some dude I found on the internet, and he messed it up pretty good …”
  • “So, I bought this gun just because it looks cool, but it turns out it doesn’t perform very well …”
  • “So, I have this old gun, and I’m not sure if it’s worth anything or if I should bother to have work done on it …”

*FSP not available in all states

Contact us at (801) 304-8070 or email [email protected]