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Durable, comfortable gear for every outdoor adventure.

Ah, the Great Outdoors. When you’re there, there’s no place else you’d rather be. When you’re not, you’re daydreaming about the next outing… We know the feeling.

At TETON Sports, we make high-quality, affordable gear for people who love the outdoors—from the weekend fishing trippers to the hardcore thru-hikers—because we know there’s nothing better than saying adios to the daily grind and stepping foot on the trail. And even though our canvas tents, cots, sleeping bags, and backpacks are made TETON tough and decked out with plenty adventure-ready extras, we keep the prices low so you never have to choose between top-notch gear and “I sure hope this doesn’t fall apart while I’m running from that bear.” (But for real, you should never run from a bear.)

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The Outdoors is a Big Place.
You Should Sleep Around.

No matter the climate, TETON Sports sleeping bags have you covered—even if you’re one of those hardy types that love waking up to two feet of snow on your tent. (Winter camping rules!) When we say our sleeping bags are built to last a lifetime, we mean it. From our sturdy canvas all-season bags that warm you up faster than a shot of Fireball (so we’ve heard) to our ultralight and surprisingly roomy mummy-style bags (which feel like a big ol’ bear hug after a long day on the trail), their durable design and construction are guaranteed to stand up to years of rigorous adventuring. Long story short? Counting sheep just got a whole lot more comfortable.

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Is Your Backpack Carrying its Weight?

You’ve got enough on your shoulders without worrying about whether or not your backpack can keep up with your next adventure. TETON Sports takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect pack with a wide selection of day packs, internal frame packs, and heavy-duty backpacking packs made for however you do the outdoors—because the last thing you want is to feel weighed down when you’re looking for the perfect spot to pitch your tent. Designed for people of every shape and size, our backpacks are chock full of cool features like sleeping bag compartments, extra gear ties, comfort-forward compression straps, hydration bladders, and even tarp ponchos that pull double duty to provide shelter from the elements… because trust us, weather happens.

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You're Not in College Anymore— You Need a Good Night's Sleep.

We remember those nights. Partying until the sun came up, then powering through the next day with a Red Bull and the boundless energy of youth. Look, we’re not saying you’re old now, just older. So maybe sleeping on rocky, uneven ground isn’t the best way to start your next outdoor adventure. Lucky for you, TETON Sports Camp Cots make it easy to get your best sleep under the stars. Simple to set up and engineered to last a lifetime, our cots are sturdy enough to be called TETON tough. We know because we’ve tested them against grizzly bears, bowling balls, sumo wrestlers, and the most destructive creatures on the planet: kids. So go ahead, ditch the dirt floor and wake up feeling as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as an undergrad.

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A Campsite Classic, Upgraded for the Modern Explorer.

Did you know canvas tents date back to about 600 AD? In those days they were used mostly by military folks, fur traders, and the occasional intrepid explorer, but the reasons they were so popular back then are the same ones that make them a must for modern-day adventurers. Canvas tents are sturdy, breathable, and provide year-round protection from the elements—making them the perfect fit for your next outdoor excursion. Of course, that’s not to say there wasn’t room for improvement, which is why our Mesa and Sierra canvas tents are outfitted with plenty of 21st-century perks like re-engineered top bar technology, extra-wide doors, zippered e-port access, hanging gear organizers, reinforced corners and seams, and an adjustable awning. We could go on, but now it just feels like we’re bragging.

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Sportsman's Warehouse and Teton Sports: Inspiring Outdoor Memories for Over a Decade.

If you ask us, real life is what happens outdoors—not while scrolling through your social media feed or streaming the next must-watch Netflix series (you know who you are). Which is why whenever we get the chance, we’re out there just like you, lacing up our boots and hitting the trail for the next incredible adventure.

For over a decade, TETON Sports has partnered with Sportsman’s Warehouse to outfit the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike a lot of outdoor brands that only cater to the hardcore heli-skiers, free climbers, and volcano boarders (yep, that’s a thing now), we believe everyone should be able to get out and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to throw at us.

So whether you’re tackling the next fourteener or taking the kids on a family road trip across the country—an extreme sport all its own—you can count on TETON Sports for high-caliber, durable, and comfortable gear that won’t cost an arm and a leg (provided you haven’t already lost one or both careening down the side of an active volcano).

And because we stand behind every product we make, our Lifetime Warranty ensures that if your gear breaks, we’ve got you covered. Happy adventuring!