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  • About Sitka

    Sitka was made for big-game hunters, by big-game hunters. Sitka recognizes the unique, extreme conditions that hunters face, and creates innovative gear that is built to survive this uniquely challenging weather. As a leader in innovation through its technical gear, Sitka is dedicated to optimizing performance through the equipment and accessories that hunters rely on every day. Whether for hot, dry conditions, or sub-zero, late-season hunts, Sitka engineers hunting apparel that pushes boundaries and breaks new ground for sportsmen and hunters around the world. The company produces its gear with these dynamic and extreme weather conditions in mind and is known for its meticulous, painstaking attention to detail within every fiber of its products. The engineers at Sitka take an inventive perspective on big-game hunting gear, knowing firsthand the intense demands of the sport. Sitka is known for making apparel, equipment, and gear that provides year-round solutions to hunters and sportsmen in the most unforgiving environments. Through this spirit, the company is unmatched in its dedication to tough, all-weather gear that is guaranteed to get the job done.

    Sitka offers a full range of all-weather gear that is guaranteed to stand up to the extreme conditions that big-game hunting often presents. This includes Sitka Big Game, Sitka Whitetail, and Sitka Waterfowl lines, all of which are optimized for silence and concealment in the field, even in late-season conditions. Sitka jackets and rain gear like the Sitka Cloudburst offer complete protection against extreme rainstorms, making them the perfect solution for wet-weather hunting. For late-season or cold-weather hunting, Sitka cold-weather gear features state-of-the-art technology that will keep you warm, no matter when or where you're hunting. Sitka also realizes that hunting is a diverse activity often enjoyed by the entire family, and is proud to offer its Sitka Women's line of clothing and gear. For the benchmark-setting, innovative, and cutting-edge hunting gear, look for the Sitka logo.

    Top Sitka Products Include:

    No matter the conditions, Sitka gear is built to last, and comes with an all-weather guarantee. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we are proud to carry Sitka gear, and we're dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience every step of the way. As a premier Sitka vendor, we're able to offer Sitka all-terrain gear at unbeatable prices, accompanied by always-fantastic customer service.