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10 Gauge Shotguns


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At A Glance: 10 Gauge Shotguns

10 gauge shotguns are often used by waterfowl hunters, and they are particularly effective for goose hunting. 10 gauge is more deadly at a distance than 12 gauge, because the wider bore causes pellets to arrive at targets at the same time. It also throws more shot at the same speed than a 12 gauge, which is helpful for hitting geese over long ranges. 10 gauge can have a stronger recoil, though that is mitigated in gas operated semi automatic shotguns. Shotguns chambered in 10 gauge can also be heavier, which hunters should take into account if they'll be traversing long distances. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer 10 gauge shotguns from trusted manufacturers including Browning. Order online or shop at your local Sportsman's Warehouse for affordable prices on the best products.