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ID 302905 | MPN CB107820

Claybuster Wads 20


Claybuster's Wad Line is a well established economical wad line built for target-shooters and wing-shooters alike.
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Claybuster Wads 20


Claybuster Wads 20
by Claybuster


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Claybuster Wads can satisfy nearly every target or wing shooting application for reloading. The wads are manufactured, and have always been manufactured, with 100% prime resin so a consistent quality product can be expected with every purchase. For use in 7/8 to 1-1/4 oz. skeet, sporting clays or hunting loads. Versatile for most hulls depending on powder volume.
Optimum load is 7/8 oz.
500 Wads per bag


Gauge 20 Gauge
Model CB1078-20 (WAA20)
Quantity 500


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