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Gun Safes & Cabinets

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  • Types of Gun Safes

    There are a wide variety of gun safes designed for every make and model of gun imaginable. Ample sized gun lockers are designed to fit multiple combinations of modern sporting rifles, shotguns, pistols and firearm accessories such as scopes and ammunition. Personal safes, outfitted with shelves, drawers and pockets are also ideal for safe guarding important documents and valuables. Safes ensure that your firearms and accessories are protected until your next hunting trip or shooting exersion, personal valuables are kept safe, and that loved ones (and children) are guarded from harm or accident.

    Rifle Safes

    At Sportman's Warehouse you'll find a large selection of modern rifle safes outfitted with the lastest techology, designs and options, such biometric and electronic locking systems. Our safes feature multiple locking bolts and Trulock hinges spefically designed to thwart unauthorized access to your guns and valuables. For extra security, rifles safes are outfitted with predrilled holes to anchor your gun locker to the floor, adding an extra layer of security. We sell ultrarugged and reliable rifle safes you can trust.

    Handgun Safes

    You rely on your gun safe to protect one of your most precious belongings, your handgun. You also rely on your handgun safe to protect something even more important, your family. Modern handgun safes are designed to ensure your handgun can only be accessed by authorized persons. Heavy-guage steel, modern design and cutting-edge technology ensure that when you purchase a safe from Sportman's Warehouse, you're purchasing a safe you can count on to get the job done.

    When purchasing a safe, check fire-rated designs to ensure it will keep your contents safe at high temperatures. Some safes are designed to meet California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety.