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Real Avid

Real Avid Pistol Tool


Real Avid Pistol Tool -The number of tasks the Pistol Tool can handle is astounding: mounting accessories, field disassembly, adjusting laser sights, and changing grips are only a few things this tool can do.
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Real Avid Pistol Tool


Real Avid Pistol Tool
by Real Avid


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Real Avid Pistol Tool -The titanium-coated implements of the Pistol Tool are easily accessible with one hand and include every tool a shooter could want to service and adjust the handgun of their choosing. Each tool locks open and is carefully calibrated to popular pistol platforms, from a polymer striker fired pistol to the faithful 1911. The Pistol Tool is an essential addition to every handgunner’s range bag or workbench. The compact design also fits conveniently into most standard pistol mag pouches.

  • 1911 Government and Officer Bushing Wrench
  • 4 Bondhus Protanium Hex Keys for laser sights
  • Non-hardened stainless steel pick/scraper
  • 3/32" Pin Punch interchangeable with 8-32 Threaded Implements
  • 3" Tanto Knife, 2.5" Long Bit Driver, 6 Bits, fine tooth metal file, and tap hammer surface


Type Multi-Tool


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