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WW Wood 2No. Wood Chips

by Western Premium BBQ Products
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WW Wood 2 lb Wood Chips - Western Smoking Chips are primarily used to add smoke flavor to food cooked on a gas grill.
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WW Wood 2No.  Wood Chips


WW Wood 2No. Wood Chips
by Western Premium BBQ Products


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WW Wood 2# Wood Chips - Chips were originally used and still are today to add real wood flavor to charcoal grills. This is accomplished by sprinkling a few handfuls of either wet or dry wood chips over the coals. As the chips smolder and burn, they apply the wood smoke flavor to the food being cooked. There are many ways to add real wood smoke flavor to gas grills. One is with the smoker pouch. The smoker pouch is created when you take several handfuls of chips and wrap them up in a sheet of aluminum foil. Holes are then punched into the top and the bottom of the pouch. When this pouch is placed directly over one of the burners on the cooking grid, the chips will begin to smoke and smolder. Another method of adding real wood smoke flavor to gas grills is with the smoker tray. The application of wood chips to gas grill cooking is at an all time high. It has become so common today that many gas grills are now being designed with a smoker tray built right in. .

With flavors like mesquite, hickory, apple, maple, cherry, and Jack Daniel's among others, it has given grillers the versatility to change smoke flavors as easily as they change recipes.

  • 100% All-Natural Wood
  • Cook With-In 15-20 Minutes
  • Made in USA


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