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ID 1771276 | MPN ButcherPaper_24x100
BBQ Butler

BBQ Butler Pink Butcher Paper Smoking Wrap

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BBQ Butler Pink Butcher Paper Smoking Wrap


BBQ Butler Pink Butcher Paper Smoking Wrap
by BBQ Butler


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BBQ Butler Pink Butcher Paper Smoking Wrap  -  BBQ Butler printed Pink Butcher Paper is food safe and perfect for your next smoking endeavor. Wrapping meat in foil can result in over-steaming. BBQ Butler Smoking Wrap allows moisture to release--preventing the meat from becoming mushy. This paper has a looser density and greater breathability, allowing smoky goodness to permeate your food without too much moisture. It won't reflect the heat like traditional aluminum foil does, allowing you to keep consistent smoker temperatures more easily. BBQ Butcher paper wrap meats of all kinds for smoking, cover tables at parties, line serving trays and containers, wrap gifts, use for temporary food storage, wrap freshly cut flowers and so much more! You can find all kinds of ways to use this multi-purpose 24-inch x 100-foot paper roll. 

We all know that taste is king, and although this paper will help your smoking game, it will also allow you to do it in style! Printed with quality, food-grade inks, their repeating patterns of cows and pigs along with clever BBQ sayings, will add to the "flavor" of your grilling get-togethers.



Color Pink
Dimensions 24in x 100ft
Pack Quantity 1
Type Accessory
Use Grill


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