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Buy a safe, get a free gun

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Liberty Safes USA 30 Gun Safe

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Disclaimer: When you purchase a Liberty Safes USA 30-gun safe (SKU 1798071) you are eligible for one (1) free gun from the following list: Tristar shotgun (SKUs 1643428, 1698509, 1698510, 1653733), SCCY 9mm pistol with a Crimson Trace Red Dot (SKU 1663197), Trailblazer LifeCard pistol (SKUs 1679458, 1679456, 1696593). Both the safe and gun must be present in store before pick up. Limited to stock on hand. Selection varies by store. No Rainchecks. No dealer sales. Some products may not be available or sold to all customers due to federal, state, or local law. If your background check is denied, you are not eligible for the promotion. There are no substitution for the gun.