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Lacrosse AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather RadioID1370082

by LaCrosse


LaCrosse AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather Radio - The La Crosse handheld NOAA weather radio helps you stay aware of weather events while at home or on the go. Portable size is great for camping, hiking or boating.
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Lacrosse AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather Radio


Lacrosse AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather Radio
by LaCrosse




LaCrosse AM/FM/Weather Band NOAA Weather Radio - Listen to your choice of 7 different weather band channels for up-to-the-minute weather information and alerts or AM/FM radio. The radio also features an integrated LED flashlight for your convenience. For AM/FM and weather band radio, fully extend the telescoping antenna to receive a steady strong signal. Place the radio near a window if you are indoors for best reception. The IC Chip supports weather band reception from 162.4 to 162.55 MHz. The highly integrated IC Chip meets NOAA specification, receives all seven NOAA specified frequencies, implements narrowband FM de-emphasis, and supports 1050 Hz alert tone detection. In addition, the IC Chip provides advanced features not available on conventional radios, such as an AFC and a dynamic channel bandwidth filter. In WB mode the radio will continually broadcasts weather radio. Fully extend telescoping antenna.

  • Dimensions: 2.87in x 5.15in x 1.29in
  • Weather Band: Receives 7 weather band channels
  • Radio: AM and FM radio reception
  • Battery: 3 x AA LR6 Alkaline batteries
  • Light: LED flashlight at the push of a button
  • Backlight: Blue changes to Red for Weather Alert
  • Operating Temperature: 32 degF - 122 degF