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Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor SawID1301975

by UST Brands


Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor Saw - This revolutionary hand-operated chain saw cuts and clears in both directions, so every stroke eats through whatever you need cut.
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Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor Saw


Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor Saw
by UST Brands




Ultimate Survival Sabercut Razor Saw - The SaberCut saw is a lightweight, strong, versatile and low profile hand saw that is ideal for the survivor but easy to use by anyone. The SaberCut saw is designed to make it possible for you to cut through the hardest wood. Unlike other premium outdoor saws, the SaberCut saw offers you a flexible blade for cutting from a variety of angles and in places where you have little clearance. The 24-inch flexible blade is designed to ensure a smooth, fast action. The durable SaberCut saw handles prevent the chain from twisting while you cut. This allows you to get a straight cut directly across the grain.

  • Material: Blade & handle clips: Black oxide coated steel Wrist straps and sheath: nylon
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 4" x 1" (saw inside case); Blade: 24"
  • Weight (saw and case): 6 ounces
  • Color: Orange

    Color Orange