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Avian X AXP Feeder Pack Goose DecoysID1371356

by Avian X


Avian X AXP Feeder Pack Goose Decoys - This is the end result of more than a decade of research and refinement goose hunter Fred Zink and world-champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen. Their ultimate decoy creation takes a goose spread to another realm of realism.
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Avian X AXP Feeder Pack Goose Decoys


Avian X AXP Feeder Pack Goose Decoys
by Avian X




Avian X AXP Feeder Pack Goose Decoys - Dead on colors, amazing feather detail and precise body postures flat out duplicate live geese. Their custom style paint jobs will surpass any production decoys ever created. Incredibly rugged, they'll withstand the "throw and go" style of many hunters, individually bagging decoys isn't needed for these extremely realistic workhorses. Avian X decoys are so detailed they even mimic male, female, dominant and subdominant birds. This attention to detail harnesses the power of individual goose realism, turning a decoy spread into a lifelike flock. Best of all, Avian X decoys are exceptionally durable. They're made of advanced plastics with the perfect amount of all temperature, impact absorbing flexibility. Seamless heads and a direct connect head attachment system eliminates splitting, (NOTE: It is recommended to permanently attach the heads with PVC glue). Rock solid metal bases adjust for precision movement control.

  • 6 Decoy Pack:
  • 2 Walking Feeders Size: 28.5inL x 10.5inW x 14.75inH
  • 2 Short Neck Feeders Size: 31.5inL x 10.5inW x 14.75inH
  • 2 Stretch Neck Feeders Size: 26inL x 10.5inW x 14.75inH