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Rage X-Treme 2 Blade BroadheadID1292859

by Rage Outdoors


Rage X-Treme 2 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead- The most deadly broadhead ever, just got more deadly. The Rage X-Treme 2 Blade has an enormous 2.3 inch cutting diameter with a razor sharp cut-on-contact tip.
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Rage X-Treme 2 Blade Broadhead


Rage X-Treme 2 Blade Broadhead
by Rage Outdoors




Rage X-Treme 2 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead- The 2.3 inch cutting diameter of the Rage X-Treme 2 blade broadhead has the perfect sweeping blade angle for maximum penetration. The larger cutting diameter produces better entry and exit wounds for faster recovery and better blood trails. The Rage X-Treme has dependable blade containment and deployment because of the new patented Shock Collar. This will ensure your blades stay in place until the moment of truth. The X-Treme is recommended for draw weights in excess of 60 pounds.

  • Cut on contact tip
  • 2.3 inch cutting diameter
  • 100 grains
  • 3 pack
  • Includes one practice head

Model 51000
Type Expandable