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New Archery Products Spitfire BroadheadIDp12030

by New Archery Products


NAP Spitfire Broadhead - Spitfire is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads! Spitfires fly straight with pinpoint accuracy and perform better than any other mechanical thanks to the sharpest Diamize blades.
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New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead


New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead
by New Archery Products




NAP Spitfire Broadhead - Renown NAP durability ensures that the Spitfire will stand up under the toughest conditions. The practice blades mean you can save your super-sharp blades for the big day.Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.

  • Diamize Sharpened Blades
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 1/2",
  • 3 Blades
  • Quantity Per Pack: 3

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