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SLIK Pro CF-634SVH Kit with SVH-501 Video Head

ID 1617987
MPN 611-899


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SLIK Pro CF-634SVH Kit with SVH-501 Video Head


SLIK Pro CF-634SVH Kit with SVH-501 Video Head


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SLIK Pro CF-634SVH Kit with SVH-501 Video Head - The New PRO CF-634SVH tripod combines our best selling carbon fiber CF-634 legs with the travel-ready and versatile SVH-501 video head. This is the perfect combination for those that travel and need a solid yet lightweight set-up. The complete tripod weighs in at just 3.25lbs making it great for people hiking into the back country to shoot video or observe wildlife through a spotting scope.

The SVH-501 is a no-frills, compact sized, video head, weighing in at 1lb. and capable of supporting 6.6lbs of gear in any position while providing smooth pan and tilt movements. To keep the size, weight and cost down we did not include drag control knobs but the head provides the right amount of resistance when moving the head so your video movements are smooth and your animal tracking is easy. The angled pan handle can be positioned for left or right hand control and rotated a full 360-degrees so the handle’s angle is in the best position for your situation.

The head includes a 70mm Arca-type quick release plate that can slide in from the front, back or mounted from the top. The locking knob is large and easy to access with the camera mounted. It also includes a release stopper to prevent the plate from sliding off the head in the event you forget to tighten down the plate. The stopper can also be rotated out of the way to make mounting and removal a bit faster. The quick release plate sports a tool-less wing-nut design that lets you attach the plate to your camera without a coin or tool. Of course, we include a coin slot for those that prefer it.

The CF-634 legs are made from high-quality carbon fiber material for a strong, solid performance. It will can reach a maximum height of 66.7 inches with the column extended and 56 inches with the column down. It folds down to 22.5 inches and includes a carrying case for easy transport. The center column includes a hook to hang your camera bag for additional stability or just to keep your gear off of the ground.  


Height 11-66.7in
Type Tripod
Center Column 11.4in
Folded Dimensions 22.5in L
Leg Sections 4
Plate Type Arca-type
Weight 3.25lbs
Weight Capacity 6.6lbs


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