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Schrade Telescoping EDC Folding Shovel

by Schrade
ID 1473529


Schrade Telescoping EDC Folding Shovel - This shovel serves as both an outdoor multi-tool as well as an instrument of self-defense as the shovel blades' edges are sharp.
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Schrade Telescoping EDC Folding Shovel


Schrade Telescoping EDC Folding Shovel
by Schrade


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Schrade Telescoping EDC Folding Shovel - A versatile EDC shovel designed to support both outdoor and tactical communities the SCHSH1 both folds for easy storage… and telescopes to its full length of over 19 inches. With a concave shovel blade forged from rugged 1055 carbon steel with beveled, sharpened edges the covert black tool serves as both an outdoor multi-tool as well as an instrument of self-defense.

To deploy the shovel, rotate the locking collar counter-clockwise. Then swivel the blade to the fully open position. Lock the blade into place by turn-ing the locking collar clockwise until the locking washer snugs. Use caution at all times as the shovel blade’s edges are sharp!

The handle’s aluminum inner tube expands to any one of five positions. Use your thumbs to disengage the handle lock. Slide the molded polypro-pylene all-weather T handle to the desired length… and lock into position by pressing down on the Schrade logo of the handle lock.

Use the SCHSH1 telescoping folding shovel to dig holes… shovel snow… and light chopping. The steel striking surface can be used to pound tent stakes. Loosen the locking collar and reposition the shovel blade at a 90 degree angle for digging furrows… or scraping tree bark.

To sheath, fully collapse both the handle and blade… then slide the tool in-to its black nylon belt sheath where twin snaps secure the blade. Double loops on the backside of the sheath let you carry the SCHSH1 either on your belt… or attached to gear.

A versatile EDC and tactical shovel weighing only 2 lbs... crafted from pre-mium materials... and built for a lifetime... this is the Schrade SCHSH1 Tel-escoping Folding Shovel.

  • Blade Length: 7.42 in
  • Handle Length: 10.8 in
  • Overall Length: 16.58 in
  • Weight: 2 lb



Model SCHSH1
Color Black
Finish Black
Type Shovel
Use Camping



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