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Layout Blinds & Boats

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  • Layout, Laydown and Boat Blinds

    Whether you're hunting in the water or in the plains, staying concealed while getting close enough to your game for a clean shot is one of your top priorities. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer blinds that can help you infiltrate your game's habitat without alerting them to your presence. Layout blinds (also called laydown blinds) are a great way to hunt in an open crop field, where a pop-up blind would be conspicuous due to its height. These are particularly popular in the grain belt. Boat blinds allow you to set up and conceal yourself from the water. Choose from our selection of layout and boat blinds from trusted manufacturers such as Heavy Hauler, Avery, Rig 'Em Right, and Beavertail.

    Boat Blinds for Waterfowl Hunters

    When you're hunting waterfowl, you'll need to stay concealed on the water while you wait for the birds to come to your decoys. Choose from our selection of blinds that can conceal you in camo that matches the terrain you'll be hunting in, and add a chair or stand to increase your comfort while you wait. If you love hunting with a four-legged friend, be sure to check out our selection of dog blinds, boat dog ramps, and other accessories for your little hunting partner.