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Big Game Guardian XLT Treestand

by Big Game Treestands
ID 1481592
MPN LS4860


Big Game Guardian XLT Treestand -This steel constructed, two-person 18’ ladderstand comes fully loaded with a comfortable, stable, and spacious design. The Big Game Guardian XLT™ has a 36.5” Wide x 12.5” Deep foot platform, as well as a 38” Wide x 12” Deep Flex-Tek bench style seat design, all of which combine to ensure spacious comfort during an all-day hunt.
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Big Game Guardian XLT Treestand


Big Game Guardian XLT Treestand
by Big Game Treestands


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Big Game Guardian XLT Treestand -This stand comes feature packed with a padded shooting rail, which provides a steady shot for gun hunting as well as holds the ability to flip up and out of the way for a clear shooting lane for bow hunting. Features sturdy steel tubing. Weighing in at only 53 Lbs., The Guardian XLT™ ladderstand holds a weight rating of 500 Lbs. Included are two TMA-Certified full body harnesses.

  • Construction - Steel
  • Height -18' To The Shooting Rail
  • Stand Weight - 53 Lbx
  • Weight Rating - 500 Lbs
  • Foot Platform - 36.5" Wide x 12.5" Deep
  • Seat - 36" Wide x 12" Deep Comfortable Flex-Tek Seat
  • Seat Height - 17"
  • Shooting Rail - Padded, Flips Back
  • Fasteners - (1) 1" Ratchet Strap (2) 1" Stabilizer Straps
  • Support Bar - Adjustable
  • Safety Harness- (2) - 4pt FBH
  • Minimum Tree Size- 9" In Diameter
  • Features- Wide Foot Platform


Capacity 2 Person
Frame Material Steel
Height 18ft
Model LS4860
Pack Quantity 1
Seat Size 36.5in x 12in
Type Ladder
Weight 53ft
Weight Capacity 500lbs
Width 36.5in


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