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Yakima Slim Eli SpinnerIDp30111

by Yakima Bait Co



Yakima Slim Eli Spinner -These spinners feature another original Hildebrandt blade shape known as the Willow Leaf.
Yakima Slim Eli Spinner


Yakima Slim Eli Spinner
by Yakima Bait Co
$2.29 - $8.99


Yakima Slim Eli Spinner -This shape of blade spins closer to the shaft and faster than other blades. They look like minnows in the water! Used for all kinds of trolling with a hook or fly, or as a flasher with other baits and spoons.

  • Willow leaf blade shape
  • Blade shape imitates minnows
  • Single or double blade design
  • Genuine 24K gold or bright nickel finishes

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