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Clam Speed SpoonIDp33361

by Clam


Clam Speed Spoon -Big perch with foreheads love this thing. Or hate it. Hard to tell. It’s a jigging spoon with a chain holding a detailed matching trailer, that darts and pulses to its own beat as you work the spoon.
Clam Speed Spoon


Clam Speed Spoon
by Clam




Clam Speed Spoon -Makes the right noise, looks wounded and vulnerable, and gets up and down super fast. Slim minnow profile reaches the depths in record speed . Jumbo perch don’t tend to stay in one place. You gotta pluck ‘em out of the school while they’re under you. Oh, and did we mention it slays crappies and walleyes, too?

  • Treble or single hook
  • Lead spoon with dropper chain
  • Minnow body attracts fish
  • Custom fire tiger bar pattern
  • Ideal for heavily pressured fish
  • Colored glowing epoxy attractor hooks
  • Natural bug paint pattern
  • Unique double sided paint pattern

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