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Berkley Vanish TransitionIDp1368555

by Berkley



Berkley Vanish Transition - Fish can't see the Vanish Transition fluorocarbon line, but you can as it changes color in the water making it the best choice for anglers who are trying to see more strikes but still want the quality and strength of Berkley fishing lines.
Berkley Vanish Transition


Berkley Vanish Transition
by Berkley
$18.99 - $21.99


Berkley Vanish Transition - This non-absorbing fluorocarbon line is abrasion resistant underwater and maintains the strength to allow you to fight those fish and bring them into your boat or onto the shore. As the Vanish Transition line hits the water and begins to sink it changes color which allows the angler to continue seeing the line that is above the water, but makes it invisible to the fish making their strikes visible to you without disturbing their swimming patterns. The improved formula has 20% better shock strength than in the past and compared to the competition as well as improved knot strength which makes it much easier to handle.

  • Changes color above water for visibility
  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Improved Vanish formula
  • 20% better shock strength
  • Easier to handle
  • Non-absorbing fluorocarbon
  • Abrasion resistant

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