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Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST Manual DownriggerID1306702

by Cannon


Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST Manual Downrigger - Stop trying to troll and fish with the incorrect gear, the Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST manual downrigger gives the angler control of their depth style fishing to keep you at the top of your game and fishing where the fish actually are.
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Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST Manual Downrigger


Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST Manual Downrigger
by Cannon




Cannon Uni-Troll 5 ST Manual Downrigger - Pull your line up faster than any other manual downrigger on the market with the new innovative 2:1 gear design that speeds up the retrieval speed. The new One-Hand Clutch Deploy allows the angler to drop the weight into the water to the desired depth while still keeping a hand on their rod and reel. The heavy duty boom on this manual downrigger is 24 inches in length and is very durable. The three digit depth counter allows for the angler to know exactly where their lure or bait is at all times. Take this manual downrigger immediately onto the water to begin trolling with the pre-spooled stainless steel cable that is 150 lb test. Easily and quickly crank on the ergonomic handle that is extremely comfortable to use. Adjust the rod holder either front to back or side to side with the dual axis system rod holder, this system allows for your rod to be placed and whatever angle you need for maxmium performance.

  • Fast 2:1 retrieval speed
  • One-Hand Clutch Deploy
  • Heavy-duty telescopic boom
  • Heavy duty 24" boom
  • Dual axis rod holder
  • Ergonomic crank handle
  • Integrated ball storage hook
  • Pre-spooled with 200 ft of 150 lb test stainless steel cable
  • Line release included
  • Three-digit depth counter
  • MPN: 1901120

    Model 1901120
    Type Downrigger