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Ice Fishing Lures, Jigs & Bait

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Ice Fishing Lures vs Bait

Lures and live bait both have their place in ice fishing, and the best option for you depends on the type of fish you're looking to bring in. Soft plastic baits have seen technological advancements in recent years giving them more realistic textures and movements, as well as pastes and scents that can attract larger fish. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer ice fishing lures for all seasons, whether you're hoping to bring in walleye, bass, panfish, crappie, trout, perch, or any other type of fish.

Ice Fishing Jigs

Ice fishing jigs come in three types: horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree. These identifiers refer to how the jig sits in the water. Horizontal jigs display well on flasher and sonar units, have a fast sink rate, and don't flutter on the drop. Vertical jigs attract fish well by their movement on a lift-fall sequence, though they require more sensitivity from your flashers. 45 degree jigs are easily marked by flashers and can attract stubborn fish into biting when the other jigs fail. We offer each of these jigs at Sportsman's Warehouse, as well as custom jigs. Shop our selection from trusted manufacturers including Rapala, Lindy, and Salmo.