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Ice Fishing Clothing

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    Onyx Men's ProTerra Bib

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  • Ice Fishing Clothing for Cold Weather

    The right ice fishing clothing can make the difference between a fun, productive day on the hardwater, and a defeated trip home early to warm your blue toes. You'll need to layer your clothing in order to keep your body's core warm for as long as you intend to fish, while still adjusting if the sun is out or you get warm from working. Ice fishing bibs go over your regular pants and shirt to keep you warm and dry, and many have additional flotation material in the seat for your safety. You'll need a hoodie for extra layers, below a serious ice fishing jacket that offers warm lining with durable, windproof fabric and flotation assistance. And of course, don't forget a good pair of gloves! At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer men's and women's options from trusted manufacturers such as Eskimo, Striker, and Carhartt.