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Luhr Jensen Kwikfish UV Bright Finish Trolling Lure


by Luhr Jensen
ID p1365261

Luhr Jensen Kwikfish UV Bright Finish Trolling Lure - The Luhr Jensen Kwikfish is a popular type of hard-bodied diving plug fishing lure that is excellent for catching various species of trout and salmon.
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Luhr Jensen Kwikfish UV Bright Finish Trolling Lure


Luhr Jensen Kwikfish UV Bright Finish Trolling Lure
by Luhr Jensen
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Luhr Jensen Kwikfish UV Bright Finish Trolling Lure - The Luhr Jensen Kwikfish is a popular type of hard-bodied diving plug fishing lure that is excellent for catching various species of trout and salmon. The lure is most commonly used by salmon and steelhead anglers with a number of trolling techniques including backbounding, flat-lining or with a trolling planer when fishing deeper waters. Its rhythmic wobbling action is quick to draw strikes from trophy size trout, salmon and steelhead. Unlike other lures, the Kwikfish is effective in all types of water and can be retrieved slowly or quickly.

The Luhr Jensen Kwikfish lure's "banana" shape, weight, and unique lip design make it an ideal diving lure for catching trout and salmon at depths. It also exhibits high action at even the slowest trolling speeds. It's truly one of the most effective and versatile diving lures. It can be used for trolling, backtrolling from a boat, plunking and fishing on flatline. This lure is also popular among bank anglers. It can used with cast, swing and retrieve fishing techniques.


The Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Lure is ideal for several fishing methods including: backbouncing, backtrolling, flatlining, baitwrapping and plunking.  


Use the Kwikfish for backbouncing with a weight in the deep salmon holes that aren't ideal for fishing a lure on a flatline. Backbouncing with the Kwikfish lure is similar to backbouncing bait. Using the correct weight is critical. Too much weight and you can't tell where the bottom is relative to your Kwikfish. Not enough weight and you may not realize when your lure hits the bottom. Once you've identified the correct sinker weight, backbounce or walk your line downstream from your boat. Continue to back-bounce your line until its at a 45-degree angle. Suspend your weight about a half a foot from the bottom and backtroll through the slot.  


Position your boat upstream above the spot you want to fish. Run your motor so you're holding even with the current, and not moving downstream. Now work your Kwikfish lure downstream below your boat. As soon you stop letting out line, your lure will begin to dive and wiggle in the current. Now lower your motor speed and allow your boat to start to slowly move downstream with the current. Make sure to continue to work your lure in the current.


The Kwikfish lure can be fished without any additional weight being added to the line when trolling or backtrolling in less than 10 feet of water. Start by letting out about 40 feet of line behind your boat and work your lure in the current. If you find your lure is diving too deep, shorten your trolling distance and slow your boat. If your lure is too close to the surface, increase your trolling distance and speed.


Want to make your Kwikfish downright deadly? Attached a sardine fillet to its belly. It's just a fact, you'll get more strikes and hookups when you add fresh bait to your Kwikfish. While sardine is the bait of choice, herring, smelt, or anchovy will also work. Your bait fillet doesn't have to be long. Just a third the length of your lure will do. Center the bait near the belly eyelet (balance point) or your lure, with the skin side of the fillet against the body of the lure. Attach the bait to the Kwikfish with two pound text mono thread fishing line.

Plunking Kwikfish

While not as popular as other fishing methods, plunking is growing in popularity. Plunking with the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish is especially effective when targeting Chinook salmon in tidal areas and bays where there is current present. We recommend using plunking for Chinook as they migrated upstream in the spring and early summer. 



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