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Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool

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Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool


Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool

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Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool - Let’s face it, die-cast reels are intended to be low-cost alternatives to machined reels, right? Imported. Heavier. Easier to damage. Plain Jane. Well . . . not anymore. When creating the Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool the focus was purely on the virtues and advantages a pressure-cast process can offer. Structurally, you can do things with casting that you can’t machine: Full-radius compound curves. Near zero-radius inside corners. And for a precision fit and finish, Waterworks Lamson even goes back and machines the cast part in critical areas—amplifying the best aspects of both worlds. Liquid’s high-quality castings are imported, but the components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined in the US. Liquid spare spools are assembled in Boise, Idaho.

  • Large Arbor
  • Pressure Cast Aluminum
  • Polyurethane Finish


  • -3+/WF4
  • -5+/WF6
  • -7+/WF8




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