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Trolling Rods

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Trolling Rods for Fishing

When you're gearing up to troll the open water, the right trolling rod is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. These rods will help you bring in walleye, crappie, or whichever species you're targeting from the back of a moving boat. Choose between freshwater and saltwater rods, and choose either fiberglass for increased durability or graphite for increased sensitivity. Many trolling rods come with comfortable cork or foam handles contoured perfectly for your hands, and you can choose telescoping or collapsible models for easy transportation.

Trolling rods have thicker, heavier blanks to help them withstand the force of moving water thanks to the boat's velocity. This sturdiness also helps you win the battle against the larger fish that trolling rods often bring in. Many rods can be used with trolling reels or conventional reels, though you can find models for use with spinning wheels. If you'll be using your rod with planers and divers, you'll want a strong, flexible, fast-action rods. If you'll be using a downrigger, you'll want a softer, more flexible blank with a lot of bend.

At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer trolling rods sure to help make your next trolling adventure a success. Choose from options with specialized guides, use with braided lines and wire, or any other specifications you might need! We offer quality products from trusted manufacturers including Okuma, Daiwa, Penn, and Shimano.