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Spinning Rods

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Selecting a Spinning Rod

Fishing requires patience, skill, and dedication, but it also requires quality gear. The right spinning rod can get you confidently on the water and bringing in your next catch. Spinning rods are a great option for anglers who want a smaller, lighter option. These can help you fish for longer. Opt for the sensitivity of a graphite rod, the durability of a fiberglass rod, or the best of both worlds with a combination rod. You'll need to decide whether you want the sensitivity of a fast action rod, or if you'll want a slow action rod to use with lighter baits. You'll be able to cast longer with a longer rod, but this can also be more difficult. If you'll be casting short distances from a kayak or other boat, opt for a shorter, more powerful rod. Spinning rods have guides on the bottom of the blank, and make sure these are coated with ceramic or another smooth material to help your line flow easily through the guides.

Saltwater vs Freshwater Fishing Spinning Rods

Freshwater rods and saltwater rods may look similar, but they have a few key differences. Misunderstanding these differences can cost you, as taking a freshwater rod out to the ocean can destroy it. Saltwater rods are made with corrosive resistance, while freshwater rods are not designed to stand up to briny water. Saltwater spinning rods, also called surf rods, are generally longer and heavier than freshwater spinning rods. This allows you to use the heavier baits that saltwater fishing often calls for, and cast farther out as you will typically be fishing from shore or from a dock. A freshwater spinning rod is best used for lighter baits and most modest casts, and is a great option for a beginning angler.

At Sportsman's warehouse, we offer a wide range of spinning rods, both fresh and saltwater. Choose the specifications that are right for your fishing style and goals. Shop our selection of quality fishing rods from trusted manufacturers including Daiwa, Okuma, Shakespeare, Shimano, Loomis, and Berkley.