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  • How to Select a Fly Fishing Rod

    Whether you're setting out for your first fly fishing adventure or looking to upgrade after many seasons on the water, you'll need to consider a few basics to select the best fly fishing rod for you. First, determine the fly rod weight that you'll need. If you're looking to bring in mid-sized trout, a 4, 5, or 6 weight will work well. If you're targeting bass, you'll need a 6 or 7. For steelhead and salmon, you'll want a 7, 8, or 9. Next, you'll need to determine a rod length, which can depend on the environment you'll be working in. A 8.5-9" rod is versatile, and works well for most anglers, but if you'll be working in small streams, you might want the flexibility of a 6-7" rod. Once you've chosen these basics, look for any other specifications depending on your species, environment, and fishing style.

    What is the best Fly Rod Weight?

    A fly rod's weight refers to what size fly line the rod is made to cast. All weights have unique advantages: heavier lines can be cast farther through rougher conditions, and work better with heavier flies. If you'll be using heavier lines, you need a heavier rod that can support the extra weight and force. Lighter lines are best for smaller flies, and help you place your casts precisely. If you're looking for a great, versatile weight for freshwater fly fishing, a 4, 5, or 6 rod with a length of 8.5-9" works well for many anglers. In saltwater, a versatile rod is an 8 or 9 weight with a 9" length. If you're not sure where to start, these lengths will help you get your feet wet, no pun intended!

    At Sportsman's Warehouse, you can choose fly rods in a variety of lengths and weights. These are sure to help you bring in your next catch in the style that works best for you. Choose from our selection of quality products for sale from trusted manufacturers including TFO, Sage, Redington, Orvis, and Shakespeare.