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Easton Axis N-Fused Carbon ArrowIDp1362503

by Beman


Easton Axis N-Fused Carbon Arrow 6 pack- These pre-fletched arrows are a favorite choice of serious bowhunters. The small diameter high strength Axis N-Fused arrow is deep penetrating on big game.
Easton Axis N-Fused Carbon Arrow


Easton Axis N-Fused Carbon Arrow
by Beman




Easton Axis N-Fused Carbon Arrow 6 pack- The new Axis N-Fused carbon arrows are the first arrows to utilize N0Fused Carbon nanotubes for great strength. Axis arrows also use Hidden Insert Technology or HIT. This technology aligns broadheads for greater consistency. They also come with the famous Easton X Nock already installed.

  • Guaranteed straightness ±,.003 inches
  • Weight Tolerance ±,2.0 grains
  • Black micro-smooth finish
  • High Strength nanotubes
  • Pre-installed X Nocks
  • 6 HIT inserts included
  • Installation tool
  • Chamfer stone
  • Epoxy packet
  • Quick HIT adhesive

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