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MSR Whisperlite International


by MSR
ID 107413
MPN 11780


MSR WhisperLite International Liquid Fuel Stove - The WhisperLite has long been the Go-To white gas stove for cold weather and high altitude backpackers. The WhisperLite International is a multi-fuel version of the time honored classic. With the WhisperLite International you'll never again be limited by fuel type.
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MSR Whisperlite International


MSR Whisperlite International
by MSR


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MSR WhisperLite International Liquid Fuel Stove - While white gas is still the most efficiently burning liquid fuel it's not always available. That's why the WhisperLiter International is designed to burn most fuels including white gas, kerosene, and unleaded auto fuel. The stoves design was kept simple so there will be less moving parts that could get damaged. A flexible fuel line folds small and fits in most MSR pots. Using the WhisperLite International couldn't be easier. All you have to do is select your fuel of choice, add fuel to the priming, pump to pressurize the fuel canister and you're on your way. Cleaning most liquid fuel stoves in the field requires special tools and a lot of time. When using the WhisperLite International the shaker Jet cleans the fuel jet with a simple shake, keeping your stove at the top of its game. Made in the USA.

  • Minimum Weight: 11 oz
  • Packed Weight: 14.5 oz
  • Burn time (white gas) per 20 oz of fuel: 136 minutes
  • Boil time (white gas): 1 liter 3.9 minutes
  • Water boiled (white gas) per 1 oz of fuel: 1.5 liters
  • Country of Origin: Made in Seattle, USA


    Model 11780
    Type Stoves
    Weight 14.5 oz


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