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Nite Ize Knotbone Number 5 Bungee

by Nite Ize
ID 1277977
MPN KBB5-03-01


Nite Ize Knotbone Number 5 Bungee - The innovative carabiner ends of our KnotBone Adjustable Bungee allow you to adjust and lock its cord length precisely for each individual job. It's a little bit evolution, a little bit intelligent design, and a whole lot handy.
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Nite Ize Knotbone Number 5 Bungee


Nite Ize Knotbone Number 5 Bungee
by Nite Ize


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Nite Ize Knotbone Number 5 Bungee - With carabiner clips instead of open hooks at each end, it not only attaches to your anchor points, it locks there. Instead of elastic that loses its stretch over time, the KnotBone Bungee has a durable, high quality cord that threads through each end, adjusts from 28 to 6 inches. Once you have it adjusted to the right length, secure it in place with a simple wrap-and-lock motion. We've even added small self-clipping plastic caps to the cord ends to keep them in place once you've got your load secured. No more pulling, stretching, and re-hooking to get the tension you want.

  • Size 5 is a 5mm cord that adjusts from 28" - 6"


    Length 28in-6in
    Color Black
    Pack Size 1
    Type Tie Downs


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